How To Make A Complaint To Swinton Car Insurance?

Swinton is a british insurance company offering a range of different insurance products including car insurance. You can find out how to make a complaint to Swinton Car Insurance below if you have been left unsatisfied with your policy or their services.

Swinton will normally resolve your complaint within 3 working day and once they feel the complaint has been resolved or they need further information to resolve the complaint they will send you a letter in the post that includes a description of the action they will be taking and any further information you need to provide them with.

Complaining to Swinton Car Insurance Online

You can easily complain to Swinton Car Insurance online by going to the Swinton website and selecting the ‘contact us’ button. Once on this page you will see the option to complain. After you have clicked on the complaint option you will be invited to write an email to the Swinton team via the online complaint form. You will need to enter your type of insurance, policy number, your name, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, your reason for complaining and your expected outcome.

Complaining to Swinton Car Insurance Via Phone Call

You can also get in touch with the Swinton car insurance customer services department to file a complaint by dialling 0800 068 7819 , the line is open 24 hours 7 days a week. Once you are on the phone with the team you will need to inform the team that you would like to complain about an issue you have experienced with the company, you will also need to provide some personal and policy information such as your policy number. You will be informed of the actions being taken to fix the issue you experienced.

Complaining to Swinton Car Insurance Via Post

If you would prefer to file a complaint with Swinton car insurance via post you can write a letter including your policy number as well as other policy and personal information that will allow the team to identify your account, you will then need to include a description of your complaint and what you would like Swinton to do to fix the issue. You can then send the letter to:

Customer Assistance, Swinton Group LTD, Embankment West Tower, 101 Cathedral Approach, Salford, M3 7FB

How to Make a Complaint With Liverpool Victoria

If you are unhappy with the insurance services provided to you by Liverpool Victoria you can find out with the guide below. Liverpool Victoria is an insurance company operating within the United Kingdom, founded in 1843 they now offer multiple insurance services including car, home, travel, pet, landlord, multicar, van, motorbike and caravan insurance as well as breakdown cover.

Liverpool Victoria Complaints Policy

If you’re thinking of complaining to Liverpool Victoria you will need to collect your policy and personal account information before calling the customer service contact number listed below. Once on the phone to the customer service team you will need to provide policy and personal information as well as a description of your complaint. You will then need to provide some contact information and you will receive a response regarding your complaint within 5 working days. You will be given a case officer who will contact you with updates regarding the complaint as well as any final decision made about the complaint.

Liverpool Victoria Customer Service Contact Number

You can call the Liverpool Victoria customer service contact number to file a complaint as well as inquire about any other issues or questions you may have by dialling 01202 292333 . You can call if you would like to file a complaint, if you have some questions regarding your policy, you need to change some of your policy details, you need to change some of your personal details, you would like to cancel your policy or regarding any other inquiry or issue.

Send a Letter to Liverpool Victoria Complaints

If you would prefer to write to Liverpool Victoria about your complaint you can do so by including a description of your complaint as well as any important addition information, photographs or copies of important documents related to the complaint, your policy and personal information and you contact information to allow your case officer to contact you regarding your complaint. You will then need to send the letter to:

Customer Complaints
Box 2
County Gates

Endsleigh Car Insurance Complaints Guide

If you’re unhappy with your Endsleigh car insurance services and you would like to file a complaint with Endsleigh you can find out how by reading our helpful complaints guide below.

Endsleigh Car Insurance Complaints

To make a complaint with Endsleigh car insurance you need to first collect your policy information as well as some relevant personal information. You then need to get in touch with the customer service contact number which you can find listed below. Once on the phone to the team, you will need to provide some of the policy and personal information to help the team member identify your policy and any issues you may have experienced. You can then explain what the issue was and include any details of the complaint that you feel is important including any staff names or important times and dates.

Endsleigh Customer Service Contact Number

You can call the Endsleigh customer service contact number on 0333 234 1552 to file a complaint to Endsleigh. You can also call the number if you would like to find out more regarding the complaints policy, you have some questions about your policies, you have some inquiries regarding their services, you would like to discuss their other types of insurance policies or you have some other questions or inquiries for the customer service contact number.

Endsleigh Car Insurance Contact Number

If you would like to get in touch with the Endsleigh car insurance contact number you can do so by calling 0333 234 1552 . You can call the number if you have any inquiries of your car insurance policy, you would like to change your policy, you need to change some of your details or you have some other inquiries you wish to speak to the car insurance team about regarding your complaint.

Write a Letter of Complaint to Endsleigh

You can also file a complaint with Endsleigh regarding your car insurance by sending the Endsleigh insurance team a letter. You will need to include your personal and policy information in your letter as well as a description of your complaint and any details you feel are important to include, you can also include pictures and copies of documents that you feel are important. You will then need to send your letter to:

Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited, Shurdington Road, Cheltenham, GL51 4UE, United Kingdom

Post Office Car Insurance Complaints Guide

To complain about Post Office car insurance, the first step is to contact the customer services department to report your issue. You can do this using the Post Office car insurance contact number. If they are unable to resolve the problem or you are not happy with the way that they handle it, you can escalate it as a formal complaint. There are many reasons for complaining to the Post Office about car insurance. This includes things like problems with accessing your account, the price of premiums, or cancellation fees. Below you can see the best ways to make complaints about the Post Office.

Post Office Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

You should be able to check the cancellation terms in your Post Office car insurance policy documents if you want to cancel your cover with them. As they are underwritten by BISL Limited, standard cancellation fees usually apply. This is a cancellation fee of £25 plus the time on cover if you cancel within the first 14 days. Cancelling after this cooling-off period results in a cancellation fee of £55, plus the cost of the time on cover. In all cases, if you have made a total loss claim on the policy then you must pay the full year of premiums, anything outstanding, plus the cancellation fee with no refund.

Post Office Car Insurance Login

You should be able to manage your Post Office car insurance policy through your account on their online Self Service Centre. This allows you to change your details and update your policy on your own time without added fees to worry about. You cannot cancel your insurance online because you need to speak to the Post Office first to confirm your outstanding payments, which will include a cancellation fee and depends on the date of cancellation. For assistance with your account, including access to it and amending it, phone the Post Office car insurance number and talk to the customer service team.

Post Office Complaints

If you are unhappy about an experience with the Post Office, particularly if the resolution to a problem with your insurance is not satisfactory, please call the Post Office car insurance complaints number. You can call 0345 073 1002 to speak to a person at the Post Office complaints department. Explain what has gone wrong and who is responsible, and what you want them to do about this issue to rectify it. You should give them time to investigate before they provide a final response for you. If you are still unhappy at this point, it could be time to take your complaint to an Ombudsman to resolve it instead.

Co-Op Car Insurance Complaints

Making a complaint to the Co-Op about car insurance is easy enough as long as you contact the right team. For example, these are not the contact details for Co-Op food complaints or travel complaints. Read this guide if you want to complain about Co-Op car insurance to find out how to do it.

How to Complain to Co-Op Car Insurance

If there is a problem regarding your car insurance, then contact the Co-Op insurance customer services team as soon as possible. You should give them the chance to resolve this issue for you before you make a formal complaint. If you do need to make a complaint, then call Co-Op car insurance on 0800 068 6727. They may not be able to resolve it while you are on the phone with them, but they should call you back as soon as there is progress. Should you write a letter to the Co-Op about your car insurance, it could take 5 working days to receive an acknowledgement. You could post a complaints letter to:

Co-Op Insurance Services
CIS Building
4th Floor
Miller Street
M60 0AL 

How to Complain About Co-Op Car Insurance

When you make a complaint about Co-Op car insurance, you will need to provide certain details to make sure that they can investigate the problem thoroughly. You must provide your policy number, name, and address so that they can check your account. They will also need a contact number to call you on if they need to ask for more information. When you complain, you can request a response in a particular format, including audio, Braille, or large print. Provide all the details, including dates and names, so that they have as much information as possible about your complaint. Ensure that you specify what you are expecting the Co-Op to do to fix this issue for you. Outline the action that you want them to take and a time frame for this.

How to Escalate a Co-Op Car Insurance Complaint

If you are having no luck after writing or calling the Co-Op car insurance contact number, then you can request to escalate your complaint further. After 8 weeks, you can refer Co-Op car insurance complaints for Online Dispute Resolution by sending an e-mail to There is also the option of referring your unresolved complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will review the investigation and recommend further action. You must report a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman within 6 months of raising the issue with Co-Op insurance.