How do I cancel my car insurance with Sheila’s Wheels?

Call Sheila’s Wheels on 0800 085 6910 if you wish to cancel Sheila’s Wheels car insurance. You can get a new quote if you would rather change your car insurance than cancel completely. If you do want to leave Sheila’s Wheels for any reason, then contact the Sheila’s Wheels car insurance number to cancel your policy. You should always check the dates of your cover and the cancellation costs before going ahead with it, because it may not be worth it.

Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

Like most car insurers, Sheila’s Wheels offers annual car insurance cover policies with a 14-day cooling-off period for customers to cancel without the usual high fee. It is often cheaper to amend an existing policy rather than cancelling and finding a new one, because the administration fees are lower than the cancellation fees. Contact Sheila’s Wheels to view your car insurance documents and check the renewal date before you try to cancel.

Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

If you cancel Sheila’s Wheels car insurance within 14 days of starting the policy, they will give you a refund. However, Sheila’s Wheels deducts a £26 administration fee from this refund. When you cancel after 14 days between the cooling-off period and renewal, the Sheila’s Wheels cancellation fee will go up to £60. You will still have to pay for your cover up until that point, and if you have made a claim then you must pay for the entire annual premium.

How to Cancel Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Renewal

Sheila’s Wheels will automatically renew your car insurance policy when the current version expires if you pay by Direct Debit. You must call Sheila’s Wheels 4-7 days before the usual payment date if you would rather cancel than renew. You can decline a renewal quote if it is not accurate and/or you could get a better quote elsewhere. If there is a problem with auto-renewal then contact Sheila’s Wheels to ensure that they cancel it and issue a refund.

Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Contact Number

0800 085 6910

Sheila’s Wheels is a car insurance company whose main customer base is women. Although it is based in the UK, the name comes from the Aussie slang “sheila” to refer to a girl. Since launching in 2005, the brand became known for its adverts featuring 3 women in pink dresses driving a pink car.

Sheila’s Wheels Car Insurance Contact Number

You can call whether you are an existing customer or a potential one. Sheila’s Wheels offers car insurance for men as well and women and multi-car cover for families or people living at the same address. You can call to ask Sheila’s Wheels about breakdown cover, car hire, motor legal protection, and more. Or call the Sheila’s Wheels car insurance number for help to make a claim.