How To Use Your Breakdown Cover With RAC

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If you are an RAC breakdown cover customer but you’re unsure how to use the service when you need it, you can read the helpful guide below to find out all you need to know.

How to use your RAC breakdown cover

There’s nothing worse than your car breaking down when you need it the most. If you have taken out RAC breakdown cover as a private service or as an extra with your insurance, you have something to fall back on if your car fails you. To use your RAC breakdown cover you can call the number found on your breakdown manual which should have arrived once you took out the cover or if you don’t know where your manual is or don’t have it with you, you can simply call the RAC breakdown number on 0330 159 1031 .

Once on the phone with the RAC breakdown team you will need to provide some relevant personal, policy and breakdown information such as your name, policy number if you have it and a brief description of your current situation such as where you are, whether the situation appears to be dangerous (if there is fire involved in the breakdown it is important to call the fire services before you call RAC regarding breakdown cover or insurance) and what the problem appears to be regarding (such as a flat tyre or flat battery).

After you have called the RAC, it is important for you to wait safely for the RAC breakdown service van to arrive with you. This includes exiting your vehicle from the passenger side, informing other people who’re in the vehicle to also exit on the passenger side, stand as far aware from your vehicle as possible and keeping your pets inside the vehicle with the windows rolled down and drinking water inside (if you feel it would be safer for your pet to be kept outside of the vehicle, using a lead bring the pet to stand with the other passengers).

If your vehicle has stopped in the middle of a road or motorway and you cannot move the vehicle or get out of the vehicle safely it is important to keep your seatbelt on, put your hazard lights on and call the police immediately and make them aware of your location. Once off the phone with the police you can then call RAC using the number above.

RAC Insurance Contact Number

0330 159 1031

RAC is a British vehicle services company that was founded in 1897. They offer breakdown cover and insurance services such as car, home, motorbike, van, travel, business, legal expenses and personal accident insurance. You can get in touch with the RAC insurance contact number by dialling one of the numbers below.

RAC Insurance Contact Number

You can get in contact with the RAC insurance team if you would like to find out more about your insurance policy, you would like to change your policy details, you would like to know what your policy covers, you have some questions about taking out a new policy, you would like to add extras onto your policy, you would like to speak to someone regarding a claim, you would like to find out about other insurance services they offer, you would like to cancel your policy or if you have some other inquiries or issues you would like to speak to the RAC insurance team about.