How to Cancel Your Car Insurance with RAC

Contact the RAC on 0330 159 0740 for assistance with cancelling a RAC car insurance policy. You can call whether you have general car insurance, the black box insurance, multi-car insurance, or their Plus policy. If you only have temporary car insurance then the term may be too short to cancel it.

RAC Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

There is a cooling-off period of 14 days once your cover term begins. You can cancel your RAC car insurance during this time for a lower fee if you change your mind. If you decide to cancel RAC car insurance after 14 days but before the policy end date, then you will have to pay a higher fee. You will have to pay for time on cover until the cancellation date. This means that you might not be eligible for a refund unless you had paid annually.

RAC Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

Once your cover term begins, you can change your mind within 14 days and only pay a £25 arrangement fee and for the limited time on cover. After this, the RAC will charge a £55 cancellation fee to terminate your car insurance policy mid-term. You shouldn’t have to pay the full premium for the entire term unless you have made a claim on your RAC car insurance during the current term. It may be worth paying the fee if you find a cheaper insurer.

How to Cancel RAC Car Insurance Renewal

The RAC should notify you when your car insurance is due to renew. They will automatically renew your policy, potentially with higher premiums, if you do not contact them to cancel this auto-renewal. You should receive a renewal quote around 21 days before your current cover expires, so you can contact the RAC to cancel during this time without having to pay any fees. If your policy auto-renews, then the 14-day cooling-off period applies again.

Cancelling RAC Car Insurance After Claims

If you have made a total-loss claim on your RAC car insurance policy, then cancelling the policy will mean that you must pay the RAC the total annual premium. You will have to pay any outstanding amount before you can leave RAC for another insurance provider. The RAC will not refund you when you cancel after making a total loss claim. Contact them to check how any other claim or incident report may affect how much you have to pay if you cancel.

RAC Car Insurance Contact Number

0330 159 0740

RAC is a British motor services company based in England. It provides car insurance cover and roadside assistance services to drivers who take out a policy with the RAC. The name dates back to the Royal Automobile Club in 1897, but the RAC then became a private limited company in the late 1970s.

RAC Car Insurance Contact Number

You might want to ask for a quote, compare prices, or get help with an existing policy. Contact the RAC about your insurance if you need to change or cancel your cover. There are various types and levels of RAC car insurance, so you can upgrade or downgrade depending on your circumstances. Call the RAC to discuss policy amendments and related fees.