How To Renew Your Quote Me Happy Car Insurance

If you’re looking to renew your Quote Me Happy car insurance you can find out the different ways to renew by reading the helpful guide below.

Online Renewal

If you would like to renew your policy online you can do so by first checking your email. You will be sent an email 28 days before your renewal date, once you have received your renewal invitation email you should click on the link included in the email. The link will take you through to your online account, once you’re on your account you will need to make sure all of your information is still correct. After you have checked and amended all relevant information you will then be able to renew your policy. You will simply be able to click on the ‘Renew Now’ button and follow the on-screen instructions to continue your car insurance policy.

If you pay your car insurance through a direct debit your policy will be renewed automatically on your renewal date, you can cancel your policy for free within 14 days of your renewal date by cancelling the continuous payment.

Renewal Via Phone Call

If you would prefer to renew your policy by calling the Quote Me Happy car insurance team on 0345 030 6902 . You will need to provide the team with your account and policy information to allow them to access your policy. You will then be able to inform the team member of any changes to your information such as a new address or whether you would like to add another driver or service onto your policy. Once all changes have been made you will then be able to renew your policy. You can choose a new payment method if you would like to change your current method including setting up a direct debit to pay monthly.

You can also call the number if you have some inquiries or issues regarding your car insurance or your policy renewal as well as if you would like to find out about adding extra services and any other customer service enquiries regarding your car insurance policy.

Quote Me Happy Car Insurance Contact Number

Quote Me Happy is an insurance company operating in the United Kingdom. Quote Me Happy is a part of the Aviva Insurance Group. They provide car and home insurance services for their customers. If you are a car insurance customer you can call the number listed below if you would like to get in touch with the team.

Quote Me Happy Car Insurance Number

You can call the number if you would like to get in touch with the car insurance team regarding taking out a new policy, regarding a car insurance policy you already hold, changing your car insurance policy, if you need to cancel your policy, you need to change some of your personal information, you have some inquiries about the different types of policies available, you would like to receive a quote for your car insurance or if you have another issue or inquiry.