How to Cancel Your Go Skippy Insurance

Go Skippy provides policies including car insurance, bike insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, and van insurance. The company has around 280,000 customers, but many of them are not happy with the prices or the quality of customer service. Read this guide to cancel Go Skippy Insurance.

Go Skippy Insurance Cancellation Policy

You should check your Go Skippy insurance policy documents for the terms and conditions of cancellation. To do this, log into your Go Skippy account through their Online Customer Portal. You have the choice to cancel your Go Skippy insurance whenever you choose, but how much it costs to cancel Go Skippy insurance depends on the date that you cancel. Check when the cover started and when it is due to expire to check the cancellation fee you’ll owe.

Go Skippy Insurance Cancellation Fee

Unlike many insurance providers, Go Skippy charges a cancellation fee even if you cancel before the cover term begins. At this point, the cancellation fee starts at £25. The cooling-off period is then the first 14 days of cover. You’ll have to pay £35 if you change your mind and decide to cancel during the 14 days. After that, if you cancel at any time before the end of your minimum term, Go Skippy charges a £75 cancellation fee on top of premiums owed.

Go Skippy Insurance Claims

The amount that you have to pay to Go Skippy before you can leave depends on the status of your policy. If you have made a claim, then your policy must be paid off in full. You will only be able to get a pro-rata refund of premiums if you have not made a claim. This usually applies to all claims, not just any total loss claims. It is most likely cheaper to wait until the cover term ends and then leave Go Skippy without renewing, rather than cancelling early.

How to Cancel Go Skippy Insurance Renewal

Go Skippy is also likely to increase premiums at renewal. They will keep rolling your cover at the new prices unless you notify them that you don’t want this to happen. This is why you should call Go Skippy as soon as you receive your renewal quote on 0344 840 6300 . Cancelling at renewal means avoiding the expensive cancellation fee. You should be able to transfer your No Claims Bonus to your new insurer if you did not make a Go Skippy claim.

How to Contact Go Skippy to Cancel

You can either call Go Skippy on the phone to cancel your insurance policy or try to contact them online. Send an e-mail to the Go Skippy cancellations team at There is also the option to start a live chat if you go into your account and click on the green “? Help” button and then go through the options. As a last resort, because it takes much longer, you can write a letter with the cancellation request and post it to Go Skippy.

Go Skippy Insurance
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Go Skippy Insurance Contact Number

0344 840 6300

Go Skippy is an insurance broker in the UK. It is a trading name for another company which administers legal policies in the UK for a company based in Gibraltar. Their primary product is car insurance, but Go Skippy also offers other kinds of insurance cover. The brand’s mascot, Skippy, is a kangaroo.

Go Skippy Insurance Contact Number

They should be able to answer any enquiries and assist with any problems that you have relating to Go Skippy. You can call them and make a complaint about Go Skippy products and services, or get new quotes for insurance policies. If you want to cancel a policy then you can also call them to discuss this. Or you can call about claims or fraud issues.