How to Cancel Your Esure Car Insurance

You can view your Esure car insurance policy online by logging into your account. However, you cannot cancel your Esure car insurance online. In order to confirm your Esure car insurance cancellation, Esure will need to speak to you over the phone. Call Esure car insurance customer service on this Esure car insurance contact number to cancel your insurance policy.

How to Cancel Esure Car Insurance

The only way to cancel your Esure car insurance is to call Esure and request to cancel your policy. You can do this by calling Esure on 0345 606 1374 and providing your car insurance policy number and other customer details like your name, address, and vehicle registration. Once you have confirmed this, you can discuss your cancellation options with Esure car insurance advisers.

Esure Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

If you cancel your Esure insurance policy, then you might have to pay a fee. The amount that you must pay depends on when you cancel. You can cancel within the first 14 days of starting your Esure car insurance cover because it is a cooling-off period. You will only have to pay a £26 cancellation fee and the pro-rata cost of the cover. If you paid more than this upfront, then you should receive a refund of the difference from Esure within 5 – 10 working days. After this, the cancellation fee is £60 for cancelling during your first period of Esure insurance cover. This will drop to £35 in subsequent years.

How to Cancel Esure Car Insurance Renewal

Your Esure car insurance policy might automatically renew at the end of your cover period. Even when it auto-renews, Esure could begin to charge different premiums. The only way to prevent your Esure policy from auto-renewing is to call Esure before the expiry/renewal date of your insurance policy. You can find the information in your account if you aren’t sure when exactly this will be. Esure car insurance will only renew automatically if you pay by Direct Debit or via Continuous Payment Authority. Otherwise, your insurance policy should not renew automatically without your permission. Contact Esure if that happens anyway and they should offer you a refund.

Esure Car Insurance Claims

You should be aware that cancelling your car insurance can be costly if you have made a claim on your policy. On top of the cancellation fee, you must pay the full year’s worth of premiums even if you will not be using several months of that cover. You will not be entitled to a refund from Esure since you have already claimed financial compensation from them for something that your Esure insurance policy covered. If you have made a claim, then it may be best to wait until your car insurance policy expires so that you can start a new cover policy elsewhere without having to make extra payments.

Esure Car Insurance Contact Number

0345 606 1374

Esure is a car insurance company in the UK which has been operating since 2000. The founder, Peter Wood, also launched Direct Line and Sheila’s Wheels. Esure is an online and telephone insurance business, so there are no Esure branches. There are Esure offices in Manchester and Glasgow as well as the Esure head office in Surrey. Esure offers cheaper premiums to lower-risk customers. They also sell home insurance and travel insurance.

Esure Car Insurance Customer Service

This will connect you to Esure so that you can speak to a person at Esure at their UK call centre. Get help with car insurance quotes or enquire about other insurance products at Esure. You can call Esure on this number to ask about insurance discounts, including No Claims Discount if you are eligible. Or call to ask for assistance with your Esure online account.