Does Direct Line Pet Insurance Cover Pre-Existing Conditions?

To answer the question right away – no, Direct Line pet insurance does not cover pre-existing conditions. You cannot claim for the costs of treatment for a pre-existing condition for your pet. This is the same as human health insurance from most providers. Read this guide for more information about what Direct Line pet insurance actually covers, or call their phone number.

What does Direct Line Pet Insurance cover?

The primary reason that people pay premiums for pet insurance policies is to get help with the costs of veterinary treatment. Vet fees can be expensive if you don’t have pet insurance, and though it may not be nice to think of, it is likely that your pet will sick or experience an injury at some point in their life. Accidents do happen, so opting for third party liability cover could help if your pet causes damage or injury to other people or their property. Your pet insurance policy can also help out if you have to cancel a holiday due to your pet’s health or pay for pet boarding fees while you are in hospital. Or you could choose cover for overseas travel in case your pet needs treatment abroad. You can also recover the purchase price if your pet dies from illness.

What is excluded from Direct Line Pet Insurance?

Direct Line will usually assess your pet on an individual basis to determine whether or not they can provide the cover that your pet would need. Some things which Direct Line could consider as exclusions from insurance are:

  • High-risk breeds or older animals
  • Preventative treatments (neutering, worming, vaccinations, flea treatment)
  • Elective treatments (nail clipping, grooming)
  • Dental treatment
  • Treatment resulting from pregnancy or giving birth
  • Treatment for behavioural issues
  • Home visits from the vet (unless necessary)
  • Dangerous wild animals or hybrids
  • Food for specific dietary needs
  • Pets used for racing, security, or other work or commercial gain
  • Hereditary or congenital conditions
  • Any illness occurring within the first 10-30 days of the cover starting
  • Euthanasia

What will affect your Direct Line Pet Insurance quote?

One of the primary factors which affect pet insurance premiums is the age of the pet. Premiums are likely to increases as the animal gets older. This is because they are more likely to develop chronic conditions in old age, much like humans. The breed of your pet will also affect your premium because of some breeds being more susceptible to particular conditions. Introductory discounts will reduce your premiums at first but remember that they go up.

What counts as a pre-existing condition for Direct Line Pet Insurance?

Insurance companies such as Direct Line will not cover pets for recurring conditions which existed before you applied for the pet insurance policy. A pre-existing condition is defined as any symptoms of illness or injury that existed in any form before you took out the policy. Any symptoms appearing within the first 14 days of beginning a policy will also usually count as pre-existing. If your pet develops an ongoing condition during the cover term beyond this, it could become a recurring condition. This will then count as pre-existing if you start a new pet insurance policy. Other than this, Direct Line will cover hereditary conditions or congenital conditions as long as you didn’t know about them at the time of taking out the pet insurance policy.

Direct Line Pet Insurance Contact Number

0345 246 8703

Direct Line is one of the UK’s oldest direct insurance providers. They have been most popular over the years for their car insurance, but they can also provide other kinds of insurance cover. Direct Line Pet Insurance comes at 2 price levels with additional options to extend what the pet policy can cover.

Direct Line Pet Insurance Number

You can discuss their customizable cover types, including introductory multi-pet discounts. Or you can choose to add enhancements such as third-party liability cover for dogs or overseas travel cover for pets. You can check which claims Direct Line pet insurance actually covers and clear up any confusion over the terms and conditions.