How to Cancel Direct Line Home Insurance

To contact Direct Line to discuss cancelling your home insurance policy, call the Direct Line home insurance phone number on 0345 246 3564 . Read this guide if you are not sure about how to cancel your Direct Line insurance and what to expect, including how much it costs to cancel your home insurance.

Direct Line Home Insurance Cancellation Policy

You can access your Direct Line insurance account online by signing in on the website. This will enable you to view your policy documents, including the cancellation policy section of the terms and conditions. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel Direct Line home insurance online. You must call or write to them to give them your notice of cancellation.

Direct Line Home Insurance Cancellation Fees

You will only be able to cancel Direct Line home insurance without a fee and get a full refund of premiums if you cancel before the cover actually starts. Then, if you cancel within the first 14 days, you will get a refund minus the cost of the period of cover you used. If you cancel after 14 days and before the policy expires, then you will get a pro-rata refund minus administration fees for early cancellation. The Direct Line home insurance cancellation fee is about £44 if you cancel after the cooling-off or period or before renewal.

Direct Line Home Insurance Claims

You can cancel your Direct Line home insurance at any time if you decide to switch to another insurer. However, you will not get a refund of premiums if you have already made a claim on the insurance policy. Nor will Direct Line refund you if someone else has made a claim against you during the period of cover. If you have not already paid in full, then you will have to pay off the annual premium before you can terminate the policy. Direct Line might also charge the cancellation fee as mentioned above if you are cancelling early.

How to Cancel Direct Line Home Insurance Renewal

When your first year of cover is coming to an end, Direct Line should send a letter in advance of your policy expiring. They will provide a renewal quote which you can accept if you want to continue your cover for another year at the given price. If you are not happy with the renewal quote, you can contact Direct Line to either negotiate or cancel and swap to another insurer. If you cancel towards the end of your current cover period and before it renews, it should not cost you anything extra. Complain if they renew it automatically.

Direct Line Home Insurance Contact Number

0345 246 3564

Direct Line is one of the first direct insurance companies in the UK, starting by selling car insurance over the phone. This is why their well-known logo is a phone with wheels. Later, they branched out into selling other types of insurance products. This includes Direct Line home insurance with 3 levels.

Direct Line Home Insurance Number

You can get help with a new quote, check your existing policy, or get information on claims and policy renewals. You can also call to cancel your Direct Line home insurance policy if you want to switch to a different provider. Or you could upgrade or downgrade home insurance if you want to amend your cover and premiums.