How to Make a Claim with Covea Insurance

If you are a customer with Covea Insurance and you need to make a claim, you can call Covea customer services on 0330 024 2270 and get assistance. They can connect you to the relevant department to make a claim or check your policy documents for what it covers before you actually make a claim.

How to Make a Covea Car Insurance Claim

Car insurance is the primary product that Covea acts as a broker for, so you can report claims 24/7 by calling the helpline number above. Unfortunately, you will not be able to submit a car insurance claim to Covea online. You can only register a claim over the phone. They will ask you to provide them with your name, vehicle details, what happened and where, and the details of any other person involved in the incident. At the scene, you shouldn’t apologise or admit fault for what happened. Do call the police if that is necessary. Get a crime reference number from the police officers who attended the scene.

What happens if you make a Covea car insurance claim?

If it is possible to repair your car, you can choose one of Covea’s approved repairers to recover and fix your vehicle. They will collect and deliver your car for free, and Covea can provide a courtesy car while yours is repaired. Covea will cover the costs of the guaranteed repairs, so all you have to pay is the excess. If it is not possible to repair your car at all, Covea will provide a valuation. They will send you an agreed payment by bank transfer to help you with getting back on the road even if your vehicle has been written off.

How to Make a Covea Home Insurance Claim

Policyholders who have Covea household insurance cover can make a claim online without having to call anyone on the phone. You can follow this link to fill out a form with the required details shown below and submit a claim.

Alternatively, you can write your policyholder information and the details of your claim in an e-mail if you prefer. You can send e-mails about claims to Covea at If the claim isn’t too urgent, you could also write a letter to Covea at Covéa Insurance, Property Careline, PO Box 824, Halifax, HX1 9QT to register a claim for an incident.

Covea will register your home insurance claim and arrive at a settlement subject to the policy excess and depreciation of item value. You can contact Covea at any time after reporting a claim if you have a query or to provide more evidence. Whenever you make a home insurance claim, you shouldn’t admit fault or dispose of damaged items. If you are the victim of theft, then contact the police to report the crime and obtain a crime reference number.

How to Cancel Your Covea Insurance

As Covea Insurance is an intermediary, they advise customers to contact the provider of their cover directly. This could be one of a number of insurers; it should specify on your policy documents. Contact Covea if you need help to obtain your insurance policy documents. Follow this guide to cancel Covea.

Covea Insurance Cancellation Policy

Amendments, renewals, and cancellations must go through the company who arranged the original policy. This means that you must contact Covea for assistance to make changes to your insurance policy. You can cancel at any time but your eligibility for a refund will vary. They will only issue full refunds for cancellations before the cover term begins. Within the first 14 days of cover, cancellation will result in a refund for any remaining days of cover that you had paid the premium for. Cancelling after this cooling-off period will mean that you are not entitled to any refund of premiums paid.

Covea Insurance Cancellation Fees

Whether or not you have an outstanding balance or they owe you a refund, the time that you cancel will also determine whether or not you must pay a cancellation fee. This is an administration charge which applies when you cancel during the minimum term. They should not charge a cancellation fee if you cancel within the first 14 days or before the cover starts. Cancelling at any time after this will result in having to pay a cancellation fee of £26.50.

Covea Insurance Claims

If you cancel after making a claim through Covea Insurance, then you will not get a refund of any of your premiums. Covea Insurance offers loans for some customers to pay for their insurance. If you have a loan agreement, it must be paid off in full before you can cancel your policy. This applies even if you cancel during the 14-day cooling-off period. As well as deductions for the cost of outstanding premiums, you may have to pay the cancellation fee.

How to Cancel Covea Insurance Renewal

On the date that your policy is due to expire, Covea Insurance might renew it automatically. They should contact you in advance with information about your renewal quote. If you disagree with it or want to switch providers, you must contact Covea Insurance to cancel and prevent renewal. You shouldn’t have to pay a cancellation fee if you’re cancelling at the end of the minimum term. Request a refund if they took new premiums from you automatically.

How to Contact Covea Insurance to Cancel

You can call Covea Insurance on 01422 331166 to speak to their customer services team. There is also the option to send an e-mail to their general e-mail address at If you prefer to have proof in writing, send a letter by tracked delivery to the Covea Insurance offices at:

Covéa Insurance
2 Norman Place

Covea Insurance Contact Number

01422 331166

Covea Insurance is an insurance broker in the UK which is part of the French insurance group Covéa. The UK business formed in 2012 as a merger of the UK insurance brands Provident, MMA, Gateway, and Sterling. There are 1.2 million Covea Insurance customers in the UK, where they operate 7 offices.

Covea Insurance Contact Number

You can call them to discuss quotes as a new customer or claims as an existing customer. They can assist with a range of insurance products for personal or commercial purposes, so you can call to discuss any of these. This includes multiple types of home insurance and vehicle insurance. You might need to call Covea Insurance on the phone to cancel or renew a policy.