Co-Op Car Insurance Complaints

Making a complaint to the Co-Op about car insurance is easy enough as long as you contact the right team. For example, these are not the contact details for Co-Op food complaints or travel complaints. Read this guide if you want to complain about Co-Op car insurance to find out how to do it.

How to Complain to Co-Op Car Insurance

If there is a problem regarding your car insurance, then contact the Co-Op insurance customer services team as soon as possible. You should give them the chance to resolve this issue for you before you make a formal complaint. If you do need to make a complaint, then call Co-Op car insurance on 0800 068 6727. They may not be able to resolve it while you are on the phone with them, but they should call you back as soon as there is progress. Should you write a letter to the Co-Op about your car insurance, it could take 5 working days to receive an acknowledgement. You could post a complaints letter to:

Co-Op Insurance Services
CIS Building
4th Floor
Miller Street
M60 0AL 

How to Complain About Co-Op Car Insurance

When you make a complaint about Co-Op car insurance, you will need to provide certain details to make sure that they can investigate the problem thoroughly. You must provide your policy number, name, and address so that they can check your account. They will also need a contact number to call you on if they need to ask for more information. When you complain, you can request a response in a particular format, including audio, Braille, or large print. Provide all the details, including dates and names, so that they have as much information as possible about your complaint. Ensure that you specify what you are expecting the Co-Op to do to fix this issue for you. Outline the action that you want them to take and a time frame for this.

How to Escalate a Co-Op Car Insurance Complaint

If you are having no luck after writing or calling the Co-Op car insurance contact number, then you can request to escalate your complaint further. After 8 weeks, you can refer Co-Op car insurance complaints for Online Dispute Resolution by sending an e-mail to There is also the option of referring your unresolved complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service, who will review the investigation and recommend further action. You must report a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman within 6 months of raising the issue with Co-Op insurance.

Co-Op Car Insurance Contact Number

0345 746 4646

The Co-Operative Group is a group of businesses in the UK. The members own the business, which is why it is co-operative, or co-op for short. The group has several subsidiaries including Co-Op Food, Co-Op Health, and Co-Op Funerals. One such business is Co-Op Insurance, which offers car insurance as well as other types of insurance cover. These include home insurance, pet insurance, holiday insurance, and business insurance too.

Co-Op Car Insurance Contact Number

You can call to discuss their comprehensive car insurance policies and ask for a quote if you wish to apply. Or you can call the Co-Op car insurance team for assistance with your current policy, including renewals or cancellations. If you are interested in carbon offsetting then you can contact the Co-Op with enquiries about their Ecoinsurance policy. Or you can ask about other types of Co-Op insurance, including home insurance and cover for travel or pets.