How to Cancel Allianz Insurance

Allianz may be a German company, but it provides insurance services across the globe. In the UK, you can purchase many types of insurance from Allianz Insurance. This includes cover for your vehicle, home, pet, health, travel, or musical instrument. This guide will explain how to cancel Allianz Insurance.

Allianz Insurance Cancellation Policy

You have the right to withdraw from the insurance policy before the cover term has begun if you change your mind. You will get a full refund at this point without having to pay a fee. After this, you can cancel within 14 days and get a refund, albeit minus a fee. The 14 days starts from the date that cover begins or the date that you receive your policy terms and conditions (whichever is the later date). After the 14 days, you can still cancel, but you might not receive your pro-rata refund depending on your circumstances.

Allianz Insurance Cancellation Fees

Before you can claim a refund from Allianz for pre-paid premiums after cancelling, they will deduct anything that you owe them. This includes the cost of your time on cover and applicable cancellation fees. The cancellation fee is normally a charge of £20. Allianz charges this fee to cover operational costs. You do not have to pay the cancellation fee if you withdraw from the agreement before the legal cover comes into effect, but you will otherwise.

Allianz Insurance Claims

If you make a total loss claim during your policy term, then this completes the policy. Even if you choose to cancel afterwards, you must pay the full amount owed for the year of cover in addition to the cancellation fee. They will only issue a pro-rata refund to you if you did not make a claim during your time on their policy. If any claim has been made at all, then Allianz will not refund any premiums already been paid at the time of the cancellation.

How to Cancel Allianz Insurance Renewal

You should receive a renewal notice no later than 14 days before your policy is due to expire. If you do not respond to the notice, then Allianz may renew your policy automatically under the assumption that you agree to the new terms. The premiums could increase drastically for the next year, so if you want to cancel then you should call Allianz as soon as possible. If renewal occurs against your wishes, then call them to cancel and request a refund.

How to Contact Allianz Insurance to Cancel

To speak to Allianz Insurance on the phone, call them on 0344 893 9606 . If you can allow 5 days to wait for a reply, then you can also send an e-mail to Allianz Insurance at You can also try e-mailing for help with cancelling your policy. There are several Allianz Insurance offices across the country which you could write a letter to, call, or try to visit in person if necessary.

Allianz Insurance Contact Number

020 8603 9653

Allianz Insurance is a German financial services company. It is actually the largest insurance company in the world. Since acquiring the UK insurance company Cornhill in 1986, the insurance broker has been operating in the UK. Allianz also owns Petplan UK, which is a British pet insurance company.

Allianz Insurance Contact Number

You can ask about a range of insurance products if you are looking for specific cover, or call regarding a current or previous policy. If you have a complaint about Allianz, call them to request a resolution for it. Allianz should be able to assist you with contacting their insurance partners if you need them to. They can also help with locating copies of documents.