How to Cancel Your AA Car Insurance

The fastest way to cancel your AA car insurance policy is to call the AA car insurance contact number. This will allow you to discuss your insurance with an AA representative and make any changes that you require to your policy, including final cancellation. Call the AA on 0800 500 231 to cancel.

AA Car Insurance Cancellation Policy

You can review your AA car insurance agreement by checking through the policy documents in your online account. Unfortunately, customers are not yet able to amend their insurance policies online. To make changes to your insurance or to cancel it altogether, you must contact the AA car insurance team and request for them to do this. You can reach the AA by calling 0800 500 231 or by writing to AA Insurance Services, PO Box 2AA, Newcastle, NE99 2AA. Bear in mind that the date they process your cancellation request may be later if you choose to write a letter due to postage times. The date of the cancellation will affect how much you must pay and if you can get a refund.

AA Car Insurance Cancellation Fees

You can cancel AA insurance within 14 days of signing an agreement and get a full refund if the cover is yet to commence. If the cover has already started, you can still cancel within 14 days and get a pro-rata refund instead. You’ll end up paying a premium of at least £15 and won’t get the arrangement fee of £28 back in this case. After 14 days from the date that you receive policy documents from the AA, this will still apply, but the AA will also charge £30 as a cancellation fee on top. You may be able to get a pro-rata refund unless you have made a claim. If you claim and then cancel, you must still pay the annual premium in full to the AA if you want to go to a new provider instead.

How to Cancel AA Car Insurance Renewal

When you are paying by an annual continuous payment authority or via Direct Debit in monthly instalments, your insurance policy could renew automatically. This means that when the current 12 months are up, the AA will automatically renew your policy for a further 12 months and continue charging you for the insurance cover. If you do not want this to happen, it requires you to contact the AA to cancel your policy in advance of its expiry. They should send you documents detailing the new premium and changes to the policy, which you can choose to reject without paying a fee to cancel.

AA Car Insurance Claims

If you make a total-loss claim during the first 14 days of cover then decide to cancel your policy, you will not be allowed a refund. Similarly, if you use your policy to claim for anything after the cooling-off period, then if you cancel you will still have to pay all of your premiums and the cancellation fee as well. You should wait until your current policy is due to expire before you cancel it to avoid these costs if you’ve made an AA car insurance claim.

AA Car Insurance Contact Number

0800 316 2456

The AA is a motoring association in Britain which began as the Automobile Association in 1905. It became a private limited company in 1999 but still occupies the same AA headquarters in Basingstoke. The AA primarily offers car insurance and breakdown cover. It also offers home insurance, travel insurance, and financial products including loans, mortgages, and savings.

AA Car Insurance Contact Number

You can call this number with enquiries about all kinds of vehicle insurance. This includes AA motorcycle insurance, AA van insurance, and AA caravan insurance. The AA also provides learner-driver or short-term car insurance. You can contact the AA to discuss insurance if you are a new customer enquiring about a quote or a current policy-holder.